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Choosing Your Pellet Central Heating System

Modern Wood Heat 101                      

Heating homes, businesses, and institutions with wood pellets is becoming more common and easier to accomplish every day. The northeastern US has led the way in adoption of this renewable heating technology.

With ready availability of pellet fuel in bags and in bulk in many regions, pellet-heating appliances have proliferated in the marketplace. There are many differences among those appliances, and those differences are important to everyone. 

Modern Wood Heat 101 is intended to help end-users make informed decisions about which types of appliances would best serve their heating needs and lifestyles as they use clean, renewable, Maine-grown and processed fuel for their heating needs.

There are lots of good reasons to heat with locally sourced renewable wood pellet fuel:

  • • Environmental benefits of heating with a carbon neutral fuel
  • • Regional economic benefits using local labor to harvest, process, and deliver our fuel
  • • Fuel independence benefits of using locally grown fuel
  • • Fuel price stability benefits demonstrated over decades


But, there are very important differences among biomass heating appliances, and they are the basis of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Let’s explore them.


Modern Wood Heat